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Incoming in Moscow

Travel company "Vokrug sveta" since 1995 is a tour operator for domestic tourism and offers the tourist market tours in Russia.

Our priority is the Reception of foreign tourists in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the cities of the Golden ring.

Travel Agency "Vokrug Sveta" is a participant of Russian and international professional exhibitions.

We have experience in organizing sightseeing and business tours for foreign tourists.

Our clients are travel agencies in Europe and Asia, corporate clients, organized groups, delegations, VIP-clients, individuals.

For the organization of high-quality service for the reception of foreign tourists, we have everything you need: a fruitful partnership with hotels, museums, restaurants, theaters, reliable high-quality transport service, experienced, energetic and friendly staff, highly qualified guides and accompanying groups.

Our service:

  • Booking of rooms in hotels
  • Transportation service
  • Guide-interpreter services
  • Organization of excursion and cultural program
  • Visa support.

Our professionalism is based on a wide experience of work in the direction Reception of foreign tourists in Moscow, excursion tours in Russia. Participation in professional exhibitions, the choice of reliable partners, to attract talented tour guides, flexible policy for travel agents the introduction of new technologies, friendly staff - all this allows us to grow and feel needed. We are glad that we make our contribution to the development of excursion tourism in Russia, give foreign tourists the opportunity to see the preserved monuments and learn more about the history of Russia.

Sincerely, Travel Agency "Vokrug Sveta"

e-mail: incoming@vs-travel.ru
+ 7(495) 741-49-41, ext. 107